About the Site

This site is meant to lead and inspire the hesitant cook as well as the aspiring aesthete chef. I write my recipes to address both the outcome and the logistics of cooking in the 21st century. To that end, I will tell you when I’m taking you through a shortcut. I will also continually offer asides that suggest ways to keep yourself and your kitchen organized as you cook. If you already have a streamlined operation, or simply don’t care to reorient yourself away from a gigantic disaster kitchen at the end of your meal, you can skip those parts. I’m here to show you how I do this cooking thing, top to bottom. And to show you pretty pictures of food. Because that’s how I roll.

About the Kitchen

The Salty Spoon kitchen is modestly laid out and well-equipped; it keeps me happy and productive, but there are definitely modifications I have in mind for when my mood and finances are correctly aligned. For insight into the equipment and staples I recommend, check the Pantry and Equipment categories.

About Reality-Based Cooking

Forgive me for the precious label. At this writing, the economy is tanking, my husband has been laid-off, my work schedule is atrocious, and I don’t live especially close to anything fancier than a regular grocery store. While I appreciate and enjoy posh groceries, restaurants, and wine immensely, I live in the real world and enjoy scaling things I like to fit my time, budget, and location constraints. I’m here to show you how to incorporate good, healthy, lovely food into your life in a realistic way. I will rarely suggest that you seek out anything beyond what your local grocery store (and possibly Costco) can offer; I will never ask you to serve things in unnecessarily small or bizarre configurations for the sake of presentation. This is about making and eating good food every day – even (especially?) when you’re busy.

About Me


I’m an attorney at a Big Law Firm, where my practice focuses on Things Involving Financial Transactions and Restructuring. That is fancy-talk for “I’m a bankruptcy attorney and won’t bore you with the details.” Really, not at all. If you are a law student looking for insight into the practice of law, you are in the wrong place. My job is relevant to the Salty Spoon only because it keeps me very busy, so you can take me seriously when I say it’s possible to cook on a regular basis while working 50+ hours per week.  Nothing contained on this site is meant to be construed in any way as legal advice, and all material and opinions expressed here are my own and do not purport to represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of my employer.